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Welcome to NACREI and Gold Star Realty – Delivering Quality to Clients Since 1991.  


NACREI provides the private and public sector with the highest standard in research within the Commercial Real Estate sector to give investors the best returns possible. We have the expertise and facilities to bring the results you need and we strive to deliver these results on time.

"Real Estate has in the long run always outperformed any other type of investment. I have made millions of dollars for myself and other investors. I recommend buying apartment buildings; they can be purchased with a reasonable down payment and if you use a 15-year mortgage, at the end of that time your income for retirement is assured." ~ Nacrei Founder


Newport Beach, CA - We are pleased to welcome Kurt Kawohl and the agents from California Orange County’s Gold Star Realty to our analytical team. They bring with them more than thirty years of experience in real estate sales, analysis and development. 

Kurt stated, "Our specialized staff and our commitment to customer service makes Nacrei an excellent choice for us. We are always looking for new investment opportunities and have the flexibility to offer a full range of services."

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